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Transforming our Attention

Our congregational mission statement invites us to transform our community and the world through courageous love. Before we change others, though, we may need to change ourselves and the way we see the world—which can also take courage. We’ll consider how shifting our attention can … read more.

Contemplating Compassion

On the heels of World Kindness Day, we’ll explore the connection between mindfulness and kindness. How might a mindfulness practice make us more attentive to the well-being of those around us and ourselves? We will also celebrate welcoming some of the youngest members of our … read more.

Meeting Yourself

If you met yourself on the side of the road, would you recognize that person? You have been with this person all your life, but do you truly know who you are? When we take away the person that we want others to see or … read more.

Attention to Action

Paying attention is the first step toward change. We’ve become more attentive to the climate crisis, but how we can move from attention to action and advocacy? Joining religious communities across Virginia participating in Climate in the Pulpits (sponsored by Virginia Interfaith Power & Light), … read more.