Environmental Justice

At the 2017 Annual Meeting, the Congregation voted to adopt Climate Change & Environmental Justice as one of our

Environmental Justice Team members

congregational social justice efforts. The Environmental Justice Team (EJT) is or has focused on 1) renewing our status as a Green Sanctuary Congregation, 2) reviving our Green Team with a focus on renewables’ planning, reuse & recycling, leaving no carbon footprint, and ethical eating, 3) educating the congregation on issues, 4) participating in issues such as member service and advocacy for carbon tax (with Citizens Climate Lobby), Water Is Life rally, March for Science, supporting pipeline protesters, and opposing open burning at Radford Arsenal, and 5) supporting Spiritual Care for the Earth. 

Check our resource library for articles on climate change and environmental justice. Send comments or suggestions to Bill Baker


Recent Activities:

An EJT-sponsored strategic planning workshop conducted on February 29, 2020 resulted in the creation of six teams to address climate change through activities associated with (1) Energy, (2) Landscaping, (3) Recycling, (4) Advocacy, (5) Education and Communication, and (6) Spiritual issues. Each team developed multiple proposed actions during the strategic planning workshop that they have addressed to varying degrees during the past eight months. A summary of activities by each team during this period is available via this report. We encourage everyone to become involved to any extent that they desire as we continue to take actions to ameliorate climate change. Contact one of the team leaders to learn more about their activities and/or to join the group.


The Social Justice Film Series 

This program, co-sponsored with Lifespan Faith Development, showcases films reflecting the social justice ministries of UUC, including environmental justice.  Learn more.