Based on the best picture books for teaching young children about the love, reason, tolerance and good works that make up our faith, this class teaches our younger UUs the art of self-expression, to value individuality, to think for themselves, and to understand that everything is connected. 

The Big Orange Splot

A whimsical story for exploring self-expression and individuality.


Henry Builds a Cabin

Think for yourself and live simply, as does Henry, the bear, based on Henry David Thoreau/


Owen and Mazee

A Hippo and a Turtle make friends in this true story.


To Everything There Is a Season

The classic verse from Ecclesiastes with each phrase illustrated in a different cultural tradition.


Stone Soup

Three soldiers convince the town to make soup.  Sometimes it takes reminding to be generous.


Henry Hikes to Fitchburg

Henry the bear walks while his friend makes money for the train.


Fanny in the Kitchen

Unitarian mother of the measuring cup uses her reason to invent recipes with precise measurements.

Grandad’s Prayers of the Earth

A boy’s gradnfather describes prayer.


On the Night You Were Born

Celebrate everyone’s birthday.


The Everything Seed

The seed of creation is in all of us.


Over the River

Woodcarvings evoke this traditional song, written by a Unitarian abolitionist and reformer.


Elijah’s Angel

A woodcarving barber gives a young Jewish boy an angel.


This Is the Stable

Traditional Nativity story.


The Shortest Day

Celebrating the winter solstice.


Maria’s Comet

Future Unitarian astronomer loves to look at the stars.


Henry Climbs a Mountain

In jail, Henry the bear goes on a fantasy climb and meets another bear.


The Keeping Quilt

A family keeps a quilt made of clothes from the old country.


In God’s Name

What is the name for God?


St. Valentine

The legend of the saint.


Born With a Bang

The universe personified tells the story from science.


Henry Works

Henry the bear engages in creative work.


All I See Is Part of Me

The oneness of all creation.


The Golden Rule

The universal appeal to loving kindness.


Spring Equinox

Celebrating the greening of the earth and the spring equinox.


From Lava to Life

The story from science of the creation of the earth.


Old Turtle

A turtle teaches respect of the earth and living in peace.


Chicken Sunday

Three children work out a way to solve some problems and make connections despite differences in race, religion and heritgage.


Earth Day Birthday

Celebrate Earth Day with lots of animals.


Miss Rumphius

Pondering how to make the world a better place.


God in Between

Finding the holy in relationships and helping each other.


Love You Forever

A mother takes care of her son.


Summer Solstice

Celebrate the summer solstice.