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There is no better way to leave a legacy than by giving something to the future of UUC’s many ministries. We want UUC to be here for future generations! A perfect way to do this is to contribute to our UUC Endowment Fund. Monies from the unrestricted fund will provide support to all UUC’s ministries. A contribution to a donor-restricted endowment fund will provide additional funding for our various ministries as selected by the donor(s). For more information, view our policies, many brochures, and forms – links listed below.


Operational Policy                                           

Endowment & Investment Policy

       for more information, visit the UU Common Endowment Fund website

       and Addressing Climate Change through UUA Investments



General Endowment Commitment Form

Restricted Endowment Commitment Form

Gift Intent Form

Bequest Language



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March 17, 2020 letter from UUCEF about our funds in light of COVID-19


Brochures (click on each image for complete brochure):