Holiday Multi-generational Service

Join in the fun for our annual multi-generational no-rehearsal pageant, this year based on the holiday classic cartoon, “Frosty the Snowman.” Those registered in The Buddy Project get to meet their buddies!  


Awe and Reverence

If awe evokes reverence, then what does reverence inspire? What might it mean to move through the world with more reverence? We’ll explore the role of awe and reverence in a 21st century life.


In Awe of Stillness

People for millennia have experienced the moment when the sun seems to hold still in the sky with awe and wonder. We’ll mark the Winter Solstice with a special service that will include walking the solstice spiral together.


Awe-some and Awe-ful

Moments of awe make us stop. They jar us out of our day to day distractions and duty-filled world and welcome us to pay attention. It’s a moment where we touch the sacred. During her work as a hospital chaplain, Rev. Tiffany Sapp has seen … read more.