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Gather the Spirit

The word “spirit” is often bandied about in UU congregations, but it seems to mean different things to different people. What might the concept of spirit mean from a humanist perspective? Does the word embody a core concept that can be meaningful to the humanist? … read more.

1/2 Plate Donation

Each Sunday, UUC donates 1/2 the collection plate to local charities and UU-affiliated organizations. This week’s recipient is the Blacksburg Interfaith Food Pantry which helps feed the hungry in our area. This is in conjunction with the “It’s Scary to Be Hungry” food drive by our children in RE.  



Featured Events

UUC Annual Goods & Services Auction

Our theme – Tricks & Treats

Come to our annual and fabulous auction on Saturday, October 27 from 5-9 PM and bid on the many exciting goods & services donated by our congregants while enjoying great food, beverages, and entertainment. Visit our auction website to see all the fabulous items. Purchasing items and events is a great way to meet new people. This is our biggest FUNdraiser of the year with a goal of raising $18,000! 

Kids have their own fun and fabulous party with childcare for the very young. 

Check out our Fundraising page for more info.