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Mystical Visions

We’ll celebrate the birth of Persian mystic, Rumi, one week early by considering what it means to be a mystic. What might we learn from those whose vision of the world and experience goes beyond the rationale?   


1/2 Plate Donation

Each Sunday, UUC donates 1/2 the collection plate to local charities and UU-affiliated organizations. This week’s recipient is BLUU (Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism) whose aim is to expand the power & capacity of Black UUs within our faith, provide support, information & resources for Black UUs, and extend justice-making and liberation through our faith. Our congregation voted to support BLUU at $10/member this year, and several 1/2-plate collections will benefit BLUU. 


Featured Events

UUC Annual Goods & Services Auction

Our theme – Tricks & Treats

Come to our annual and fabulous auction on Saturday, October 27 from 5-9 PM to bid on exciting goods & services donated by our congregants while enjoying great food, beverages, and entertainment. We love and bid on your donations of meals, desserts, pet-sitting, lessons, vacation rentals, artwork, hikes, bike rides, event tickets, and more. Be sure to get your donations in by Oct. 14 by visiting our auction website! Offering and purchasing items and events are a great way to meet new people. This is our biggest FUNdraiser of the year with a goal of raising $18,000! 

Kids have their own fun and fabulous party with childcare for the very young. 

Check out our Fundraising page for more info.