Books and Cooks

Everyone Cooks Rice

From Haiti to Viet Nam, everybody cooks rice. This story connects cultures from around the world in one neighborhood of the United States. Then make a tasty puffed rice treat.


John Murray Day

Hear the story of Universalist John Murray. Then cook a traditional dish that might have been eaten during his time–peas porridge.


Cora Cooks Pancit

Tells a sweet story of a mother and daughter cooking a traditional Filipino dish. Then, cook this noodle dish for a delicious meal.


On Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur

Learn about the Jewish New Year. Make couscous with 7 vegetables.  Eat apples, challah and honey.


The Stranger’s Farewell

This story is set in Afghanistan and shares an important message about giving and receiving. Then make Bolani–a stuffed fried bread from the Middle East.


Is it Sukkot Yet?

Learn about the Jewish fall holiday Sukkot and make squash soup.


The Prayer of St. Francis

Learn about St. Francis of Assisi and his prayer. Enjoy a taste of Italy with DIY pasta salad.


The First Strawberries

This Cherokee story tells of how the first strawberries came to be.  It’s moral–be kind and loving to each other. Then make strawberry wojapi and fry bread.


Story of Ganesha’s Sweet Tooth

This book introduces children to the Hindu god Ganesha, who has an elephant head.  After the story, satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth with a yummy mango lassi and coconut ladoo.


One Grain of Rice:

In this Indian folktale a clever girl tricks an unjust ruler to help feed her people. Then make a delicious vegetable biryani rice dish to share.


A Gift for Abuelita

Learn about the Mexican/Catholic holiday Day of the Dead and make tasty sopapillas.


Mama Panya’s Pancakes

Share this Kenyan story of generosity and community. Then make savory pancakes using the recipe from the book.


The Magic Bean Trees

Hear this legend from Argentina explaining why the carob tree brings good luck, then make a tasty and healthy carob treat.


Giving Thanks: A Native American Good Morning Message

Share a thanksgiving message from the Iroquois and then make Three Sisters Succotash.


Way too Many Latkes

Share a fanciful story about Hanukkah in Chelm, the fictional village of fools.  Then make latkes–traditional potato pancakes prepared for the holiday.



Share a cute holiday story and make a microwave Wintercake.


Seven Candles for Kwanzaa

Share a story about the meaning of the African American holiday Kwanzaa, and make and eat collard greens.


The Story of 3 Wise Kings

Learn about Three Kings Day, celebrated in many Spanish speaking countries. Then make tortillas and tacos.


Coming in Spring:

Freedom Soup

Bring Me Some Apples and I’ll Make You a Pie



The Runaway Wok

Gator Gumbo

Pride: The Story of Harvey Milk

Wangari’s Trees of Peace

Seven Special Somethings

Patrick, Patron Saint of Ireland

The Purim Book

Spring Equinox


The Lorax

Matzo Ball Moon

The Life of Buddah

Hiromi’s Hands

The Birthday of the World