Spirit of Adventure

This UU-identity curriculum is written for active children, using physical movement, challenge and adventure as teaching mechanisms. While engaging in activities like dissecting electronics, building cantilevered architecture using graham crackers, and singing Jingle Bells in “dog” language, our children will learn about other UUs – some famous and some in our own congregation – while finding their own UU identities.

Sports: What is your favorite sport?

We will discuss our favorite sports and play some games together, while discussing how good sportsmanship relates to our Principles.


Sports: Lessons for Life

We will think about the lessons we learn from playing sports.


Sports: In the Congregation

A visitor from our congregation will share their love of sports.


Sports: The Good and the Bad

Just like life, sports have a good side in good sportsmanship, and a bad side in violence, racism, crudity, drug abuse and other issues.  Today, we’ll discuss the balance of good and bad in sports.


Building: JellO, Peter Cooper

Experiment with JellO and learn about Unitarian engineer and philanthropist, Peter Cooper.


Building: Frank Lloyd Wright, Architect

We will learn the value of ingenuity and hard work through Unitarian Frank Lloyd Wright’s approach to architechture.


Building: Frank Lloyd Wright, Harmony

We will explore the interdependent web through Wright’s cantilevered design for “Fallingwater” and graham crackers!


Halloween: Dia de los Muertos

We will think about the meaning of life and death while investigating this holiday from Latin America.


Building: A Visitor

A visitor from our congregation will have fun with the class as they learn about the love of building and construction.


Building: Daniel Chester French

We will express ourselves through sculpting as we learn about UU sculptor Daniel Chester French, who crafted the Lincoln Memorial and The Minuteman.


Winter Holidays: Charles Dickens

We will learn about Unitarian Charles Dickens, author of the classic Christmas story, “A Christmas Carol”.


Winter Holidays: Jingle Bells

We will learn about Unitarian songwriter James Pierpont, whose simple gift, despite a lifetime of struggle, gave us a universally known holiday song.


Winter Holidays: Hanukkah

We will learn about the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah.


Exploring: Try Something New!

We will try a new food the way that Unitarian Arctic explorer Vilhjamur Stefansson tried the foods that the Eskimos were eating.


Exploring: Treasure Maps and N.C. Wyeth

We will hold a treasure hunt and hear about Unitarian N.C. Wyeth, illustrator of “Treasure Island” and other classic children’s stories.


Exploring: A Visitor

A visitor from our congregation will share their love of exploring.


Medicine: Saving Lives

We learn about UU Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman physician of modern medicine.


Medicine: A Special Doctor

We will learn about Unitarian Dr. Albert Schweitzer, who lived an extraordinary life that can be an example to all of us as we try to find and share our gifts with the world.


Medicine: Learn First Aid

A visitor from our congregation will share their experiences of working in medicine and teach the class about first aid.


Medicine: Clara Barton

We will act out some of the scenes from Clara Barton’s service during the Civil War.


Food: Stone Soup Sunday

We will share in the making of Stone Soup, in which everyone contributes an ingredient.


Food: Fannie Farmer

We will enjoy cooking together while learning about UU Fannie Farmer, the author and cooking specialist who introduced the concept of standard measurements for recipes.


Food: Popcorn Sale!

We will make and sell bags of popcorn to make money for a good cause.


Food: Doggy Treats and Henry Bergh

We will bag up some doggy treats as we learn about Unitarian Henry Bergh, animal advocate and founder of the ASPCA.


Science: A Take Apart Party

We will explore the innards of computers, electronics and machines as we learn about UU Tim Berners-Lee, “the Father of the World Wide Web”.


Science: Comets and Constellations

We will celebrate the intersection of awe and science with a star theme as we hear about UU astronomer Maria Mitchell.


Science: Inventions

We will celebrate the inventive spirit as we learn about Unitarian Alexander Graham Bell.


Science: A Visitor

A visitor from our congregation will explore the scientific spirit with our class.


Web of Life: Henry David Thoreau

We will live and play simply and learn about UU Henry David Thoreau.


Web of Life: Beatrix Potter

We will enjoy animals, just like UU Beatrix Potter did when she was young!


Web of Life: A Visitor

A visitor from our congregation will share their love of animals with the class.


Web of Life: Blessing of the Animals

We will celebrate our interdependence with a UU service based on a tradition from St. Francis of Assisi.