First Day

We will get acquainted and talk about our upcoming year, which will help us to feel a kinship to children all over the world, and to identify more closely as a UU.


Water Communion

We celebrate the UU tradition of the water communion.


Krishna Janmashtami

Celebrates the birth of Krishna, the 8th avatar of Vishnu


Rosh Hashana

We will celebrate the autumnal Jewish New Year, feeling the joy associated with new beginnings as well as the responsibility to correct old mistakes.


Malwid-al Nabi

We will celebrate the birthday of Mohammed, and learn about Islam and Islam prayer.



Our class builds a sukkah as we celebrate the biblical thanksgiving festival of the Jewish people.


St. Francis Day/Henry Bergh

We will honor the values of Francis of Assisi and affirm our interdependence with nature. We celebrate the Unitarian founder of the ASCPA, and discuss what we can do for animals.


Indigenous People’s Day

To  appreciate Native American religions, their deep spirituality and oneness with nature.



We will celebrate this Hindu festival of the triumph of good over evil.



We will celebrate this fall festival that welcomes the Hindu goddess of good fortune, Lakshmi.


El Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

We will celebrate the lives of loved ones in our lives that have passed on as we explore this Mexican holiday.



Learn about the Exodus story of the Anlo Ewe people who fled an evil king to safely settle in Ghana.


Dance of the Deer

Introduce religious beliefs of the Huichol through their yarn paintings; to help children express their values through yarn paintings.


UU Pilgrimage

We will celebrate the courage of our UU “pioneers”.



The celebration of the Jewish Festival of Lights marks the winning of a victory for religious freedom, and the story of the light that would not go out.



Learn about pagan traditions and celebrate the shortest day of the year, the rebirth of the sun.



Learn about Kwanzaa, a celebration of African heritage, unity, and culture.


Three KingsDay

Learn about Día de los Reyes and how it is celebrated in Spanish speaking parts of the world


Fete du Vodun 

Learn about the history of the Vodun religion and how it was brought to the Americas.


Martin Luther King Day

We will honor the birthday of a great American in the struggle for justice and celebrate the power of non-violence.



Learn about the pagan Wheel of the Year and celebrate the coming spring.


Our New Year

To offer the opportunity for self-assessment—to encourage fresh hopes and good resolutions


Chinese New Year

We will celebrate Chinese New Year and hold a Dragon Parade.


Mardi Gras

We will introduce the story of Jesus’ life and the Christian world’s observance of Carnival, Ash Wednesday and Lent.



We celebrate the Hopi Bean Planting Ceremony, awakening our reverence for the gift of life.


Festival of Masks

Learn about some traditional African religious beliefs; explore ideas about God


No Ruz

We celebrate the Iranian New Year, and its ritual for casting out quarrels and starting the new year in harmony.


St. Patrick’s Day

We learn the real story of the patron saint of Ireland and celebrate a bit of Irish culture.



Introduce the Jewish festival of Purim.



We share the story of Jesus’ death and rejoice in the renewal of life.



Introduces the Hindu Festival of Colors.


Eid al-Fitr

This lesson introduces children to one of the most important holidays in Islam.



We celebrate the Jewish festival of freedom, with its symbols, story and songs.


Buddha’s Birthday

We introduce the children to the life of Buddha and his teachings.


Mother’s Peace Day

We recognize Julia Ward Howe, a Unitarian pioneer in the cause of peace.


Flower Communion

We share the UU tradition of a Flower Communion and to celebrate the completion of the Holidays and Holy Days year together.