The Agenda for the 2018 UUC Annual Meeting is that Congregation members would:

  1. Elect new officers of the Board;
  2. Vote on whether or not to express Congregational Support for the UUA Black Lives of UU program (BLUU)
  3. Vote to approve the proposed budget for fiscal year 2018–2019 (the file is password-protected);

Details on these items are in this Letter to UUC Members.  UUC Board President Tim Pickering also put forth the 3% challenge.

An informational meeting was held on Sunday, May 20 following the service. | Recording (MP3).

The 2018 UUC Annual Congregational Meeting was held after the service on Sunday, June 3. Here is a summary of what transpired:

  • The proposed slate of officers — Steve Keighton (president-elect), Sandy Power (treasurer), Susan Piercy and Dan Kominsky (members-at-large) – was unanimously approved;
  • Tim Pickering, Bill Baker, Jennifer Mercier, and Susan Wamsley were thanked for serving as they leave the Board;
  • Alan Moore gave a report on the work of the Social Justice Environment/
    Climate-Change Team from the past year;
  • A financial donation of $,2050 to the UUA program, BLUU (Black Lives of UUism), was approved, to be completed by June 2019. UUC has already donated approx. $860 leaving $1m200 to go. There is a matching campaign by a private donor when our pledge to BLUU is completed; and
  • A deficit budget was approved with the assurance that funds are available to cover costs.


UUC Committee Reports 2017–2018