Our 2019 Annual Congregational Meeting was held after the service on Sunday, June 2. The meeting was led by Board President Ellen Plummer. At the meeting, the Congregation

  1. Elected new officers of the Board (all for two-year terms);
    • President-elect: Wayne Neu. Wayne has been a part of UUC since the early 1990s. His service started with performing many small tasks, and as he became more engaged and more attached to UUC, he served in a number of other capacities. He’s sung in the choir and operated the sound/recording equipment for as long as he can remember. He served as auctioneer for many of our auctions. He’s served on the Finance, Long-Range Planning, and Stewardship committees and was a part of the task force that raised funds for our building expansion. Wayne served twice on the Board as a member-at-large and is now extremely honored to be nominated to serve this beloved congregation as President-Elect and then as President.
    • Board Secretary: Nancy Bodenhorn. Nancy has been a member of UUC since 2001 when she and husband Jeff moved to the NRV. She grew up Unitarian and has been an active member of 4 congregations as an adult. Here at UUC, she’s taught RE, served on and chaired the Committee on Ministries, Stewardship, and is currently on the Worship Committee, makes coffee, and co-leads a Small Group Ministry group. UUC is an important part of her life, and she believes in giving at least as much as she receives. She looks forward to serving on the Board.
    • Member-at-large: David Hundley. UUC has become the spiritual home for David’s family. He’s excited for the opportunity to serve with the Board as we move forward and make decisions to continue our vision.
  2. Voted to approve the proposed budget for fiscal year 2019–2020 that had been presented at the Informational Meeting. That budget had a slight deficit, but between the two meetings additional pledges came in that offset that deficit. The current draft budget can be accessed from the UUC Finances Web page;

Podcast of the meeting | Transcribed Minutes.

UUC Committee/Task-Force Reports 2018–2019

UUC 2018–2019 Committee/Tasks Highlights.

An informational meeting was held on Sunday, May 19, following the service. Board President-Elect Steve Keighton led the meeting. | Podcast of the meeting

Web page for the 2018 UUC Annual Meeting