Inspire. Create. Transform.


Inspire spiritual and ethical growth.

Create compassionate community.

Transform our community and the world through courageous love.



The UUC will be a beacon of liberal religion in the New River Valley.

We will join with other organizations and faiths to work for just causes.

We will practice generosity and radical hospitality. 

We will be known as a place of beauty, welcome, joy, and celebration.



We covenant to create a place of respect and kindness, and to build a spiritual community based on reason and courageous love.

We will listen to one another respectfully, assume good intentions, use the power of our words with care, express gratitude, honor our differences, help one another, and welcome all.

We will communicate directly, honestly, and compassionately. When we hurt one another, we will forgive, make amends, and re-connect.

While we celebrate the words of our Mission Statement, and of this covenant, we affirm that our mission lives through our actions.