Based on the premise that children learn best through experience, this program helps nurture spiritual growth, creativity and a sense of community through imaginative activities and rituals such as rhymes and fingerplays. Classes feature a storybook, fun craft and playtime with friends.  Our emphasis is helping our youngest friends feel comfortable in their church community.


In our first class of the year, the children will become aware that our congregation is a UU community and that our symbol is a chalice.


A Tour of the Inside of Our Congregation

We’ll explore the inside of our congregation’s building and discover its special places.


A Tour of the Outside of Our Congregation 

We’ll explore the outside of our building and discover its special places.  Please dress appropriately for the weather.


Making Chalices

This class will help children understand the shape of the chalice, to help in the beginning development of a sense of identity as a UU.


Chalice Necklaces

We will demonstrate that the chalice is a sign that is part of the larger world – the world of love, peace and joy.


The Beauty of Nature 

The children will identity appreciating nature as a spiritual experience, which is a type of experience welcome in our congregation.


Chalice Flannel Board

This session guides children to celebrate the uniqueness and worth of each person, making new friends and keeping old friends.



The children will connect a safe, fun experience of Halloween with their UU congregation, and experience how exploring fears together makes them less scary.


Fruit Chalices

Using edible fruit, we’ll explore the shape and parts of the chalice, reinforcing the understanding of the chalice as a UU symbol.


Helping Others 

We will connect caring and helping with the congregation and understand that caring for others is an important part of being a UU.


Family Snack Party 

The children will experience creating a “welcome table” for their families and understand that there are many kinds of families.



We will learn about thankfulness adn gratitude as part of the children’s experience at a UU congregation.


How Many Days Until Christmas? 

We will practice how to be patient while waiting for a holiday to unfold, and become aware of the story of the birth of Jesus.


Teddy Bear Month: Friendship 

Teddy Bear Month kicks off as we practice the skills involved in making friends with others.


Teddy Bear Month: Sick! 

The children will feel empowered to care for others and practice the skills of helping someone who is sick to feel better.


Teddy Bear Month: Lost! 

We will experience comfort as we share with the group our fears of, and feelings about, being lost.


Teddy Bear Party

Teddy Bear Month concludes with a celebration.


Weddings & Other Services of Love and Union 

We will understand that UUs support marriage between two people who love each other, and see that our congregation is an important place for celebrations of all kinds.


Valentine’s Day 

We will learn that it is important to share love and that UUs advocate for all people to love whomever they choose.



We will learn about the practice of a child dedication ceremony and understand that it’s an expression of love.


Wondering About Stars 

We will explore the beauty of stars and express our sense of wonder through song, movement and art.


Wondering About the Moon

We will experience the wonder of the moon and the night skit and invent our own ideas of what the images in the moon are.


The Wonder of Weather

We will explore wind, rain, storms, and snow and understand that all ages share wonder about the weather.



We will experience a shared sense of wonder at seeing a rainbow, and learn that our congregation is a place where questions and wondering are encouraged.



The children will understand that everyone dreams and everyone wonders about dreams.



The children will understand the value that UUs of all ages place on imagination and creativity and express our imagination through art.



The children will learn that Easter is a holiday related to the story of Jesus, as well as spring.


Earth Day 

We will learn about the holiday called “Earth Day” and that UUs work hard to care for the earth.


My Shadow

We will understand that all people, and every object, have shadows and that sometimes we might find they scary.


Block Sunday
We will explore ways to care and share through cooperative play, and practice the skills needed to work cooperatively with others.


Mother’s Day

We will express love for our parents and other adults who care for us, and recognize that love binds a family together.


Closing Sunday

On our last day, we will celebrate this group of friends and remember some of the stories and activities of the past year.