Chalice Children

Based on the premise that children learn best through experience, this program helps nurture spiritual growth, creativity and a sense of community through imaginative activities and rituals such as rhymes and fingerplays. Classes feature a storybook, fun craft and playtime with friends.  Our emphasis is helping our youngest friends feel comfortable in their church community.

Welcome (9/10/2017)

In our first class of the year, the children will become aware that our congregation is a UU community and that our symbol is a chalice.


A Tour of the Inside of Our Congregation (9/17/2017

We’ll explore the inside of our congregation’s building and discover its special places.


A Tour of the Outside of Our Congregation (9/24/2017)

We’ll explore the outside of our building and discover its special places.  Please dress appropriately for the weather.


Making Chalices (10/1/2017)

This class will help children understand the shape of the chalice, to help in the beginning development of a sense of identity as a UU.


Chalice Necklaces (10/8/2017)

We will demonstrate that the chalice is a sign that is part of the larger world – the world of love, peace and joy.


The Beauty of Nature (10/15/2017)

The children will identity appreciating nature as a spiritual experience, which is a type of experience welcome in our congregation.


Fruit Chalices (10/22/2017)

Using edible fruit, we’ll explore the shape and parts of the chalice, reinforcing the understanding of the chalice as a UU symbol.


Halloween (10/29/2017)

The children will connect a safe, fun experience of Halloween with their UU congregation, and experience how exploring fears together makes them less scary.


Helping Others (11/5/2017)

We will connect caring and helping with the congregation and understand that caring for others is an important part of being a UU.


Family Snack Party (11/12/2017)

The children will experience creating a “welcome table” for their families and understand that there are many kinds of families.


Thanksgiving (11/19/2017)

We will learn about thankfulness adn gratitude as part of the children’s experience at a UU congregation.


How Many Days Until Christmas? (12/3/2017)

We will practice how to be patient while waiting for a holiday to unfold, and become aware of the story of the birth of Jesus.


Winter Lights (12/17/2017)

Candlelight is a part of many holidays in the wintertime, bringing magic and warmth. The children will make a candle centerpiece to take home.


Teddy Bear Month: Friendship (1/7/2018)

Teddy Bear Month kicks off as we practice the skills involved in making friends with others.


Teddy Bear Month: Sick! (1/14/2018)

The children will feel empowered to care for others and practice the skills of helping someone who is sick to feel better.


Teddy Bear Month: Lost! (1/21/2018)

We will experience comfort as we share with the group our fears of, and feelings about, being lost.


Teddy Bear Party (1/28/2018)

Teddy Bear Month concludes with a celebration.


Weddings & Other Services of Love and Union (2/4/2018)

We will understand that UUs support marriage between two people who love each other, and see that our congregation is an important place for celebrations of all kinds.


Valentine’s Day (2/11/2018)

We will elarn that it is important to share love and that UUs advocate for all people to love whomever they choose.


Babies (2/18/2018)

We will learn about the practice of a child dedication ceremony and understand that it’s an expression of love.


Wondering About Stars (2/25/2018)

We will explore the beauty of stars and express our sense of wonder through song, movement and art.


Wondering About the Moon (3/4/2018)

We will experience the wonder of the moon and the night skit and invent our own ideas of what the images in the moon are.


The Wonder of Weather (3/11/18)

We will explore wind, rain, storms, and snow and understand that all ages share wonder about the weather.


Rainbows (3/18/18)

We will experience a shared sense of wonder at seeing a rainbow, and learn that our congregation is a place where questions and wondering are encouraged.


Easter (3/25/2018)

The children will learn that Easter is a holiday related to the story of Jesus, as well as spring.


Dreams (4/8/2018)

The children will understand that everyone dreams and everyone wonders about dreams.


Imagination (4/15/2018)

The children will understand the value that UUs of all ages place on imagination and creativity and express our imagination through art.


Earth Day (4/22/2018)

We will learn about the holiday called “Earth Day” and that UUs work hard to care for the earth.


My Shadow (4/29/2018)

We will understand that all people, and every object, have shadows and that sometimes we might find they scary.


Block Sunday (5/6/2018)
We will explore ways to care and share through cooperative play, and practice the skills needed to work cooperatively with others.


Mother’s Day (5/13/2018)

We will express love for our parents and other adults who care for us, and recognize that love binds a family together.


Closing Sunday (5/20/2018)

On our last day, we will celebrate this group of friends and remember some of the stories and activities of the past year.