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Rev. Pam will meet the challenge posed by Frank & Marilyn DuPont, winners of the annual auction sermon. One of the most difficult things for UUs to accept is the Inherent Worth and Dignity part of the First Principle in the face of Evil as … read more.

Roots Hold Me Close

The roots of our religious movement run deep, and this year marks an important anniversary – 450 years ago this year, the Edict of Torda marked the first step toward religious tolerance. We’ll celebrate this anniversary by learning about Ferenc Dávid and King John Sigismund … read more.

Masculinity Without Toxicity

Toxic masculinity has often been cited as the source of colonialization, polarization and marginalization. It has been the basis of Western society for thousands of years. With the #MeToo Movement and perpetual struggle of women’s empowerment, how do we hold both the feminine and masculine … read more.