During the winter of 2023-24, congregant Jim Bohland offered three after-Sunday service classes on democracy, authoritarianism, and fascism. A group of congregants were moved by these discussions to ask the UUC Board for the congregation to take a public stand on preserving and supporting our democracy. As part of a service in February, congregants were polled on whether they supported the statement – “Through our words and actions, the UUCNRV strongly endorses the preservation and strengthening of our democracy, locally, and nationally.” The vote was nearly unanimous.

The UUC Defending Democracy group sponsored a community convocation in March attended by over 130. After an introduction to authoritarianism and fascism (including a Ten Tactics of Fascism video), the participants divided into four focus groups on education, policy, networking, and voting. Since that meeting our organizational leadership group has expanded to include non-UU’s and have worked on brochures, networking contacts, grant writing, and plans for future education opportunities.

If you are interested in preserving and supporting our democracy now and in the future, please contact the leadership group to join.

Resources: UUSJ (UU Social Justice) Democracy Action Team