Each year in early spring, UUC holds its annual Stewardship pledge drive whereby members and friends are asked to make a monetary pledge to support the mission and vision of the congregation. UUC receives no outside funding and relies solely on the generosity of congregants for support. 

Stewardship 2023–2024
Our Theme: Honoring & Creating Legacy


In 2023-24, our focus was on:

  • Financially fortifying children, youth, & young adult programs.
  • Leaving our mark on the community through outreach and social justice.
  • Investing in our staff as we co-create our Legacy.

The budget will also continue to fund and grow our many different ministries and programs, as well as allow us to welcome those living elsewhere or unable to travel by offering both in-person services, meetings, and gatherings as well as via Zoom.  


Last year’s Stewardship Pledge Drive ran March 5 – April. “Early Bird” pledging ran from February 12 – March 5. See link below to pledge. 


As part of this year’s theme of Legacy, we provided many opportunities throughout March and April for all ages to join with others, have some fun, and honor and create legacy! Click HERE to sign up. 


How Do I Pledge?

This year we request that pledges be made online by clicking on the “Make a Pledge” link below. Be sure to pledge each year even if your pledge amount stays the same. If you do not pledge during our stewardship drive, you can make a pledge at any time during the year. 



How Much Should I Give?

How much one donates is a very personal decision. The Unitarian Universalist Association recommends a donation of from 2-5% of one’s adjusted annual income. If your circumstances make this unrealistic, consider making it a goal to work toward. In the end it is not so much about “raising money” as it is creating a community of generosity where lives are literally transformed, where children learn our values, where we each find support in all areas of our lives, and where our values spread out into the larger world of social service and social justice. Give as generously as you can, experience the sense of joy and well-being that comes from creating and participating in the abundance of UUC.


Pledge payments can be made via our secure Vanco online account, directly from your checking or savings accounts through your bank, or by personal check. Please have check written to “UUC” and mailed to our PO Box at:

PO Box 10116
Blacksburg, VA 24062-0116