Each year in early spring, UUC holds its annual Stewardship pledge drive whereby members and friends are asked to make a monetary pledge to support the mission and vision of the congregation. UUC receives no outside funding and relies solely on the generosity of congregants for support. 

Stewardship 2019–2020


Our Theme: Picture the Possibilities: Keeping UU in the Picture

We here at UUC are blessed with terrific programs and opportunities and with great staff and facilities. It takes substantial financial support from our congregants just to maintain our programs, staff, and facilities, and it requires even more to expand and improve. In 2019-20, we will support our Director of Lifespan Faith Development as she takes a sabbatical to complete the UUA’s professional credentialing process. We also hope to purchase a large video monitor for the sanctuary to improve worship and other activities – once the funds are available.  

These are investments in our present and our future. This year’s budget will continue to fund and grow our many different ministries and programs, as well as maintaining our beautiful building and grounds.

This year’s Stewardship Pledge Drive was held in April, and we received a record number of pledges, 161. 


 Our stewardship materials include our Stewardship brochure, Frequently Asked Questions, and a pledge card. Extra packets are available at UUC or by contacting our Administrator.

For more details on this year’s Pledge Drive, click here


At any time during the year, you can also make a pledge online.



How Much Should I Give?

How much one donates is a very personal decision. The Unitarian Universalist Association recommends a donation of from 2-5% of one’s adjusted annual income. If your circumstances make this unrealistic, consider making it a goal to work toward. In the end it is not so much about “raising money” as it is creating a community of generosity where lives are literally transformed, where children learn our values, where we each find support in all areas of our lives, and where our values spread out into the larger world of social service and social justice. Give as generously as you can, experience the sense of joy and well-being that comes from creating and participating in the abundance of UUC.


Pledge payments can be made via our secure Vanco online account, directly from your checking or savings accounts through your bank, or by personal check. Please have check written to “UUC” and mailed to our PO Box at:

PO Box 10116
Blacksburg, VA 24062-0116