Unitarian Universalism has a long history of “deeds not creeds”—living out our faith by working to create a better world here and now. The UUA focuses on several justice ministries today.

UUC, likewise, has a history of doing good works in the New River Valley through a variety of social action projects and social justice ministries. One of the ways we work to fulfill part of our mission—to transform our community and the world through courageous love—is by participating in various activities, both as individuals and as a congregation.

Social action projects range from collecting material and money to share with those who are in need (including our weekly share the plate offerings), partnering with other churches to provide shelter for persons experiencing homelessness, and getting out to clean up our section of highway.

More recently, UUC has formally chosen to work for justice in the areas of racial justice and environmental justice. Following a congregational survey of social justice interests in the fall of 2022, racial justice and environmental justice remained strong and two more justice groups evolved –
reproductive justice and voting rights.

Members of UUC also individually contribute much time and energy to various projects in the local community. If you are looking to join with others who are committed to creating heaven on earth, you’ll find plenty of folks who are eager to welcome you to the work at UUC.