Speaker: Rev. Pam Philips

The Demands of Beauty

We’ll complete our month of considering what it means to be a people of beauty by exploring what beauty calls us to do in the world.


A Bounty of Beauty

Come observe a uniquely Unitarian Universalist ritual during our annual Flower Communion. Everyone is invited to bring a flower to contribute to our communal bouquet. We’ll also celebrate the efforts of those who contribute their time and talent to UUC, including the voices of both … read more.

Connecting with Curiosity

On this Memorial Day we’ll explore how curiosity can help us create the basis for connections—with ourselves, with others, and with the past. After the service, we’ll make our way up the Meditation Path for a special dedication of the Othakarhaka water feature. Transportation will … read more.

Bridging into the Future

Each year, the youth of UUC lead a service to mark transitions–the Coming of Age youth move into YRUU and the high school seniors move into young adulthood. This year, we’ll also recognize those who are ready to join UUC with a New Member Recognition … read more.

Nurturing Curiosity

Children are naturally curious, asking constant questions to help them understand the world and their place in it. We’ll explore how we might tap into and cultivate our natural inquisitiveness to help us discover who we are and who we strive to be. We will … read more.