Rev. Pam Philips

Bending the Arc

Unitarian minister, Theodore Parker, acknowledged that the moral “arc is a long one,” and his “eye reaches but a little way.” What does that mean for those who persevere in the long fight for justice, especially when they never get to see the fruits of … read more.

Enduring Love

With the approach of St. Valentine’s Day, our minds naturally tend toward romantic love, but this is only one way of being in relationship with others. We’ll explore some of the conscious commitments we make to be in relationship, and what helps us persevere when … read more.

Fulfilling Our Promise

Rev. Pam Philips with Worship Associate Ellen Plummer, Fulfilling Our Promise. Our mission and vision statements set ambitious intentions for who we are and want to be in the world. So how are we doing? We’ll take time to reflect and explore how we might fulfill … read more.