Speaker: Rev. Pam Philips

Liberation from Expectations

Join our virtual service at this link. Considering worship themes three weeks in advance seems an exercise in futility. So much has changed so quickly over the past month. This week, we’ll practice being liberated from expectations and trust in our worship team to create a … read more.

Easter in Our Time

Join our virtual service at this link. Easter Sunday can be a theological and liturgical challenge for Unitarian Universalist congregations filled with people for whom the most holy of Christian holidays has varying degrees of meaning. Some have fond memories of palm crosses and pansies, … read more.

Indigenous Wisdom

A virtual service via Zoom. In the 21st century, so much of what we know of the world stems from modern science and technology, but as Unitarian Universalists, we claim as another of our sources the earth-centered traditions. We’ll explore how the wisdom of indigenous … read more.

Wisdom Literature

As we are not meeting in person to protect our members, join us for our virtual service via Zoom. Use this link to access the service. While Jewish and Christian teachings are among our six sources, we seldom turn to them in our free and … read more.