Speaker: Rev. Pam Philips

Blossoming Anew

Join our virtual service via this link. This year, we’re re-imagining this quintessential UU ritual—the Flower Communion. Help co-create our new virtual ritual by emailing photographs of you and your family with flowers—all colors, shapes, and sizes—to celebrate our beloved UUC community. Email photos to … read more.

Personal Thresholds

A virtual service. Our limits are often not discovered until they are crossed. How might we use this time of enforced isolation to explore and define our boundaries—as individuals and in community?

Listen to the podcast noting that there is a 15 second gap toward the … read more.

Liberation from Expectations

Considering worship themes three weeks in advance seems an exercise in futility. So much has changed so quickly over the past month. This week, we’ll practice being liberated from expectations and trust in our worship team to create a vibrant and compelling service, sure to … read more.

Easter in Our Time

Easter Sunday can be a theological and liturgical challenge for Unitarian Universalist congregations filled with people for whom the most holy of Christian holidays has varying degrees of meaning. Some have fond memories of palm crosses and pansies, others of egg hunts and bunnies, still … read more.