All individuals engaged in ongoing work with minors at UUC are required to complete this policy training in accordance with the UUC Policy & Procedures Manual.  There are three parts to this training:

  1. View the Church Mutual video: Preventing Youth and Child Sex Abuse (approximately 20 minutes). NEW TEACHERS ONLY
  2. View the UUC and LFD Policy Training contained on this website. (approximately 30 minutes). ALL VOLUNTEERS
  3. Take a short online quiz and submit it as proof of completing this training (approximately 10 minutes).  ALL VOLUNTEERS

All training must be completed prior to beginning an assignment as a teacher or advisor of minors in the Lifespan Faith Development department.

During our Teacher and Advisor Orientation Meetings, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and delve further into all subjects.  This is very important information and we want to ensure that you understand it thoroughly.  Please take the necessary time to understand the material and to formulate any further questions that you may have.  Bring questions with you to your orientation meeting.

Part 1: View the Church Mutual Video

Preventing Youth and  Child Sex Abuse will help you identify different types of abuse and provides guidelines to help you prevent it.

DO NOT SKIP THIS VIDEO!  Video viewing is required for all FIRST TIME VOLUNTEERS.

View video.  


Part 2: View the UUC & LFD Policy Training

This 30 minute video covers the UUC Child Protection Policy and LFD policies that apply to teachers and advisors of minors within Lifespan Faith Development.  Please make note of any questions that you have, or further clarification required, and bring these questions with you to your Orientation session.  You will have the opportunity to discuss UUC and LFD policies then.  Additional training will be provided in separate meetings for youth group advisors, COA mentors, and OWL teachers


Part 3: Quiz

To complete your policy certification, you’ll need to take a short quiz.  Quiz should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete.  Quizzes should be completed prior to attending Orientation.  You will be able to review your quiz results at the completion of the quiz.



Thank you again for volunteering with Lifespan Faith Development!