Speaker: Earle Irwin

Wondering about Wonder

We’ll begin our month-long exploration of the Path of Wonder by considering the relationship between being curious and our ability to appreciate the wonders of the world. We’ll also welcome new members to the congregation. If you have found your spiritual home here and want … read more.

Intentionally Imperfect

A dual-platform service both in person and via Zoom. We ended our month-long exploration of living with intention by considering what might happen if we intentionally risked making mistakes. What might it mean for us to abandon striving for perfection and not only accept but … read more.

To Whom or What . . .

 . . . do we want to connect more deeply? We often think of relationships between and among the people in our lives. We’ll begin a month of exploring Cultivating Relationships by broadening our understanding of relationships. What in our lives needs cultivation? A dual-platform … read more.