Speaker: Kimberley Homer

Embracing Possibilities

A dual-platform service both in person or via Zoom. We’ll begin our exploration of what it means to embrace possibilities, especially those in our personal lives and relationships. How might we wholeheartedly accept and even nurture change, especially those which… Read More

Observing Sabbath

A virtual service. Is Sabbath a practice reserved for the religious? Do we dare rest from our labor? Does our faith differ from others with regard to productivity? Join Ellen Plummer and Kimberley Homer as we celebrate rest and delight… Read More

Original Sin

A virtual service. Unitarian Universalists, especially the Humanists among us, reject the notion that Original Sin has any dominion over us. Does that mean we are absolved? Come hear about a brief history of sin, and where we fit in it. … Read More

Nurturing Stories

A virtual service.. Mother’s Day calls us to remember stories of mothers, but we know that one need not be a mother to nurture and support others. We will consider all kinds of mothering.  Listen to the podcast: