Speaker: Rev. Dara Olandt

Waking the Future’s Promise

This Sunday Rev. Dara offers her last sermon at UUC and reflects upon our shared ministry. We also explore Father’s Day and the complex journey of finding faith along life’s surprising path. All are welcome for this service of appreciation and inquiry!

Listen to the sermon:

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Yes… to Life!

Celebrating the courage to live whole-hearted and the Year of Living Bravely. What can it mean to answer back “Yes” to Life? This morning we celebrate the year and reflect upon our big theme of “living bravely”. What has been learned? Where can we, as … read more.

Annual Multigenerational Flower Service

This service features a uniquely Unitarian ritual: our flower exchange honoring the vital nature of both individuality and community. All ages are welcome to participate in this service of celebration and hope. Please bring a flower from your yard, a park or roadside, or the … read more.

Bridging Service

This Sunday our High School Youth Group (YRUU, Young Religious Unitarian Universalists) lead our annual UUC Bridging Service. Come support these incredible young people. Today we observe a significant life passage as our UUC graduating seniors transition to young adulthood. New high schoolers are also welcomed … read more.

Unstoppable Love?!

What is the contemporary, interfaith effort, “Unstoppable Love” all about? Today we also honor Mother’s Day, its history and complexity. And, we hold our annual child dedication celebrating new children and recognizing these young people and their families in our Sunday service. All are welcome for this service … read more.