Step Inside This House: Sharing Our Stories

All are welcome to our dual-platform worship service via this Zoom link. Telling our story can be a very powerful way to connect with others and to connect with ourselves. By integrating our family’s story, we can show up more authentically in all the work we do. Questions and journaling exercises can both offer entry points into our story. When we bring our findings to share with another person, an empathetic listener, we get to show up differently and move towards greater healing for everyone. 

Brenna Clanton lives in Northern Virginia and is a member of Accotink UU Church. She currently works as an attorney and is attending Meadville Lombard Theological School. Starting in the fall, she will be a ministerial intern at UU Congregation of Rockville in Maryland. She has been attending SUUSI since 2007. 


OOS July 17 2022