Deeds AND Creeds: A New UU Motto?

One unofficial UU motto is “deeds not creeds”, but aren’t our actions built on a foundation of beliefs? How do we acquire our “moral compass” that can guide our actions? Bill will explore these issues within the context of specific UU history from the 1950’s, which has echoes in our present time.

All are welcome to our worship service, either in person or via this Zoom link.

Bill Fogarty has been a member of the UU Church of Arlington for 30 years, where he has been an RE teacher, Board Chair, and a worship associate. In his retirement he is becoming an historian, starting with stories found in the archives of the Arlington congregation. Bill has also been involved with the Virginia UU State Action Network, connecting our 24 congregations on social justice issues, including Sunday services talks at UU congregations in Stephens City, Sperryville and Meadowview.

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