Being There: The Power of Presence

As we attempt to emerge from a time of “social distance” and isolation we may need to strengthen the capacities required to be fully present with one another. What are the responsibilities and joys of being with another person? What does (re)entering into community require of us? How can we grow our ability to be fully present? What might a deeper sense of awareness allow us to discover about ourselves and others? Guest facilitator, Patty Raun, will lead the gathered congregation through reflections and experiences focused on the power of presence. 

Patricia Raun is the founding director of the Center for Communicating Science at Virginia Tech and professor of theater in the School of Performing Arts.  During her years as a professional actor Raun was inspired to discover ways to develop skills of connection and communication in scientists, engineers, and health professionals. As a theater voice specialist, her mission is to promote positive transformation by developing healthy and varied voices—both literal and figurative—in individuals, institutions, and communities.