Awe-some and Awe-ful

Moments of awe make us stop. They jar us out of our day to day distractions and duty-filled world and welcome us to pay attention. It’s a moment where we touch the sacred. During her work as a hospital chaplain, Rev. Tiffany Sapp has seen awe even in the awful moments of life and has discovered that it is often in the ways that communities come together that make the moment sacred.

Tiffany Sapp is a newly ordained UU minister in Preliminary Fellowship. Having completed her internship at Holston Valley Unitarian Universalist Church in Gray, TN last year, she is now a hospital chaplain at Johnson City Medical Center, the only Level One Trauma hospital in the region. She does this work with the support of the UU Congregation of Asheville, where she is one of their Community Ministers. 

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