PreK: Chalice Children (fall)




In our first class of the year, the children will become aware that our congregation is a UU community and that our symbol is a chalice.


A Tour of the Inside of Our Congregation


We'll explore the inside of our congregation's building and discover its special places.


A Tour of the Outside of Our Congregation


We'll explore the outside of our building and discover its special places.  Please dress appropriately for the weather.


Making Chalices


This class will help children understand the shape of the chalice, to help in the beginning development of a sense of identity as a UU.


Chalice Necklaces


We will demonstrate that the chalice is a sign that is part of the larger world - the world of love, peace and joy.


The Beauty of Nature


The children will identity appreciating nature as a spiritual experience, which is a type of experience welcome in our congregation.


Fruit Chalices


Using edible fruit, we'll explore the shape and parts of the chalice, reinforcing the understanding of the chalice as a UU symbol.




The children will connect a safe, fun experience of Halloween with their UU congregation, and experience how exploring fears together makes them less scary.

Helping Others


We will connect caring and helping with the congregation and understand that caring for others is an important part of being a UU.


Family Snack Party


The children will experience creating a "welcome table" for their families and understand that there are many kinds of families.




We will learn about thankfulness adn gratitude as part of the children's experience at a UU congregation.


How Many Days Until Christmas?


We will practice how to be patient while waiting for a holiday to unfold, and become aware of the story of the birth of Jesus.


Winter Lights


Candlelight is a part of many holidays in the wintertime, bringing magic and warmth. The children will make a candle centerpiece to take home.


Teddy Bear Month: Friendship


Teddy Bear Month kicks off as we practice the skills involved in making friends with others.


Teddy Bear Month: Sick!


The children will feel empowered to care for others and practice the skills of helping someone who is sick to feel better.


Teddy Bear Month: Lost!


We will experience comfort as we share with the group our fears of, and feelings about, being lost.