Upcoming Services February 2018

Services begin at 10:00 AM in the Sanctuary. All are invited to share coffee and conversation following the service. During the summer, children ages 3-11 go directly to their Religious Education classes. Nursery care is available for children birth - aged 3.



Monthly Theme: Perseverance



February 4: Rev. Pam Philips with Worship Associate Jane Mahone, Sources of Perseverance. Much of what we accomplish in our lives requires the ability to remain steadfast in the face of difficulties. How is it that we are able to persist? What are the sources of strength and patience and courage from which we draw, and how might we cultivate them? UUC’s Choir will sing at the service.

February 11: Rev. Pam Philips with Worship Associate Jim Kern, Enduring Love. With the approach of St. Valentine’s Day, our minds naturally tend toward romantic love, but this is only one way of being in relationship with others. We’ll explore some of the conscious commitments we make to be in relationship, and what helps us persevere when the going gets tough. We’ll also celebrate a new members’ recognition ceremony.

 All are invited to our monthly potluck following the service.

February 18: Rev. Pam Philips with Worship Associate Earle Irwin, Bending the Arc. Unitarian minister, Theodore Parker, acknowledged that the moral “arc is a long one,” and his “eye reaches but a little way.” What does that mean for those who persevere in the long fight for justice, especially when they never get to see the fruits of their labor? We’ll consider the persistence of friends Susan B Anthony and Frederic Douglass as they worked to bend the arc. UUC’s Choir will sing at the service.

February 25: Amy Pruden-Bagchi with Worship Associate Ellen Plummer, Science, People, and Politics: Finding Common Ground through the Flint Water Crisis. We as UUs are committed to living purposeful lives. But how do we stay committed and what do we commit to when the world is crashing down around us? How do we move forward when others just don't seem to share the same values that we do? Perseverance is essential, but we must do so with an open mind, loving heart, and the courage to realize when we just might be wrong. As an environmental engineering professor at Virginia Tech, Amy has dedicated her life to seeking truth, protecting the environment, and helping people through science.  Here she will share her own awakening as she hit bumps along the road in her experience as part of the team that exposed the Flint Water Crisis.



















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