Grades K-1: Picture Book World Religions (fall)


Sacred Places


Introductory session on world religions. Stunning collages representing the variety of places where people worship.


Sacred Texts


An introduction to some of the sacred texts of world religion, including the Bible, presented as a library of books written long ago in which can be found wisdom for Christians, Jews, Muslims and Unitarian Universalists.


Rama and Sita, A Tale From Ancient Java


Hinduism. A retelling of an epic Hindu saga that conveys, for children, the drama, intensity, and richness of the Hindu faith for children.


Adam and Eves First Sunset, God's New Day


Judaism. A story from the Garden when Adam and Eve discover the blessings of night and day.


Night Lights: A Sukkot Story


Judaism. On a dark night full of mysterious noises, Daniel and his older sister Naomi set out to sleep in their family sukkah.


Lighting a Lamp: A Diwali Story (Festival Time)


Hinduism. Describes the Hindu holiday of Diwali.


Lights for Gita


Hinduism.  A Hindu girl living in the United States wonders what Diwali will be like.  She finds a new perspective and a new way of celebrating, instead of being disappointed.


Savitri, A Tale of Ancient India


Hinduism. Savitri is a beautiful Indian princess but it is her loyalty and wisdom that impresses the gods.


Best of Tenali Raman


Hinduism. Tenali Raman, a trusted advisor and friend to the king, is known for his wit and cleverness, as well as his wisdom and honesty.

Tenzin's Deer


Buddhism. Day by day, Tenzin nurses an injured deer, but soon has to understand how to love enough to let her go.  A story about the power of compassion and the guidance of dreams among other Buddhist beliefs.

The Brave Little Parrot


Buddhism. A Buddhist Jataka tale of hope and courage.


Buddha in the Garden


Buddhism. How a young boy finds enlightenment close by while the rest of the monks are out in the world searching for enlightenment.




Christianity. His entire life in a clear and vibrant story.


The Hundredth Name


Islam. A little boy hopes that his camel will learn the hundredth name of Allah and feel proud.


Sitti's Secrets


Islam. An American girl misses her "sitti", or Palestinian grandmother who lives across the ocean.


The Day of Ahmed's Secret


Islam. He has learned to write his name in Arabic, a good moment in many young children's lives and one that English speaking children will relate to.