Grades 2-3: Spirit of Adventure (fall)


Sports: What is your favorite sport?


We will discuss our favorite sports and play some games together, while discussing how good sportsmanship relates to our Principles.


Sports: Lessons for Life


We will think about the lessons we learn from playing sports.


Sports: In the Congregation


A visitor from our congregation will share their love of sports.


Sports: The Good and the Bad


Just like life, sports have a good side in good sportsmanship, and a bad side in violence, racism, crudity, drug abuse and other issues.  Today, we'll discuss the balance of good and bad in sports.


Building: JellO, Peter Cooper


Experiment with JellO and learn about Unitarian engineer and philanthropist, Peter Cooper.


Building: Frank Lloyd Wright, Architect


We will learn the value of ingenuity and hard work through Unitarian Frank Lloyd Wright's approach to architechture.


Building: Frank Lloyd Wright, Harmony


We will explore the interdependent web through Wright's cantilevered design for "Fallingwater" and graham crackers!


Halloween: Dia de los Muertos


We will think about the meaning of life and death while investigating this holiday from Latin America.


Building: A Visitor


A visitor from our congregation will have fun with the class as they learn about the love of building and construction.


Building: Daniel Chester French


We will express ourselves through sculpting as we learn about UU sculptor Daniel Chester French, who crafted the Lincoln Memorial and The Minuteman.


Winter Holidays: Charles Dickens


We will learn about Unitarian Charles Dickens, author of the classic Christmas story, "A Christmas Carol".


Winter Holidays: Jingle Bells


We will learn about Unitarian songwriter James Pierpont, whose simple gift, despite a lifetime of struggle, gave us a universally known holiday song.


Winter Holidays: Hannukah


We will learn about the Jewish holiday of Hannukah.


Exploring: Try Something New!


We will try a new food the way that Unitarian Artic explorer Vilhjamur Stefansson tried the foods that the Eskimos were eating.


Exploring: Treasure Maps and N.C. Wyeth


We will hold a treasure hunt and hear about Unitarian N.C. Wyeth, illustrator of "Treasure Island" and other classic children's stories.


Exploring: A Visitor


We will have fun finding out about the love of exploring and adventure with a visitor from our congregation.