Small Group Ministries (SGM)

One of the best ways to develop relationships with other members and friends in our congregation is by participating in Small Group Ministries and being part of a group of 6 to 10 people that meets regularly throughout the year for discussion and shared exploration on a wide variety of spiritual topics. SGM give our members and friends a safe place to discuss ideas and beliefs.

This year we have two different groups. The first group meets twice a month for discussion. Once a month the topic will be focused on the worship theme for the month, while the other topic will be more experiential. The other group is a "Writing Circle" which meets two evenings a month, where members write about the worship theme of the month and related ideas. This Writing Circle developed out of last spring’s well-received Writing as a Spiritual Practice class. There will be writing prompts for members to use during the Circle meeting and then sharing as folks desire. 

In each small group, members agree to abide by a set of expectations, or covenant, created by the group. All groups are facilitated by members who are trained by and meet regularly with the minister.

We value the opportunities that our small groups offer especially as our congregation grows in size. We recognize that it is often difficult for people to connect on a busy Sunday morning. Participating in a small group can lead to meaningful friendships.

What will a small group do for you? To use a cliché, it depends both on what you put into it and what you want out of it. For some people, their contribution may sometimes simply be their presence at a meeting; there is no compulsion to speak or comment. Others may find opportunities that never existed – to broaden their knowledge; to talk about things they’ve wanted to explore; to learn about others’ experiences.

To learn more, read our SGM brochure which includes the online registration link. At the end of the church year, groups will disband and new groups will form to provide each participant the opportunity to connect with new people.

For more information, contact the SGM coordinator at


There are currently several long-time, established small groups at UUC that follow a slightly different model. You are welcome to join one of these groups.

  • The Anarchists small group always has an empty chair and welcomes new members. Members decide on the topic for each meeting. The group has discussed such diverse things as fathers, how we use our time, and chocolate. The members are governed by their own instincts.
  • The Eclectics small group follows the standard format for Small Group Ministry which includes a UU related reading, Chalice lighting, check-in, and discussion of a theme or subject decided on by the group at the preceding meeting. Past subjects for discussion have included faith, death, our relationship to the earth, abundance, books that have affected our lives, end-of-life preparation, and a myriad of others.
  • There are currently several Parents of Young Children small groups. Each group starts with a potluck that includes the children. The children then move to another part of the home or building with paid childcare while the adults participate in meaningful discussions.
  • The Knitters small group meets twice monthly for knitting and conversation. Help is provided by expert knitters, if needed.