UUC Memorial Committee

The UUC Memorial Garden is maintained as a long-term repository for cremains and as a peaceful area for meditation and remembrance. The garden includes a scatter area as well as a columbarium and memorial plaques. Click here for a brief (6 minute) audio history of the Memorial Garden. For more information about the Memorial Garden history, Policies & Procedures, and more, click here.

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Memorial Garden and Columbarium Memorial Garden Columbarium Memorial Garden Pavers Path Memorial Garden Pavers

Memorial Garden from above Memorial Garden Dedication Stone Memorial Garden Peacepole

In the aftermath of Hurrican Katrina (2005), the UUC reached out to three congregations in the New Orleans area. When the Virginia Tech massacre took place on April 16, 2007, these congregations joined together and sent us a monetary donation to be used in helping us heal. We used this donation to purchase the pole with a message of peace written in the eight native languages spoken by the 32 people who were killed.

Member Bonnie Moreno designed the base, and member Dick Luke took that design and using the last pieces of timber salvaged from the main wall of Elarth Hall when we expanded the building, constructed a vandal-proof base. The pole is installed at the entrance to the Memorial Garden.