Upcoming Services June 2017

Services begin at 10:00 AM in the Sanctuary. All are invited to share coffee and conversation following the service.



June 4: Rev. Don Rollins, Of Flowers, Music and Stories. Don's last service at UUC will include our annual Flower Communion as well as stories and music. UUC’s Choir will also sing. Please bring a flower for each member of your family and an extra or two for our visitors. This is an intergenerational service (no RE).

June 11: Rev. Kirk Ballin, Getting High: Changing One's State of Mind. We all probably have some preconceived ideas and images in our minds when we hear the phrase, "Getting High". Rev. Kirk hopes to make some modifications to those preconceived ideas and images. It’s a topic that goes to the heart of our being human. Rev. Kirk is a part time Visiting Minister to the Harrisonburg UUs and is a Program Coordinator of AgrAbility Virginia. UUC’s Choir will sing at the service and will then be on summer hiatus until August.

All are invited to our monthly potluck following the service. Please bring a generous dish to share.

June 18: Alan Forrest, Self-Compassion and Loving-Kindness through Meditation. Do you ever find it difficult to experience compassion and self-love? How often do you engage in harmful self-talk that harshly criticizes and judges yourself? You cannot fully extend compassion and love to others if you’re unable to extend them to yourself. By bringing loving kindness into your life, you will gradually experience deeper levels of love and compassion; both for self and for others. Loving-kindness is a boundless love that softens and opens the heart. It’s important to note that loving-kindness also includes the essential qualities of compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity. This session will provide an overview of self-compassion and loving-kindness, a loving-kindness meditation, and how you can integrate them into your life as a way of cultivating inner healing. Dr. Forrest, Ed.D. is a Professor in the Department of Counselor Education at Radford University.

June 25: George Lally with Worship Associate David Lally, Annual Poetry Service. How does poetry inspire us and invite us to examine ourselves in the world in which we live? Members and friends are invited to bring and share poems, either their own or those written by others that they admire. Jim Kern will provide the music with a special contribution from Willie Caldwell.

July 2: Eric Thomas and Helen Wolfson with Worship Associate Rhonda Johnson, The Language of Music. Music can evoke a range of strong emotions (including joy, sorrow, wisfulness, elation) and powerful images. In this service, Constallation uses their music to lead the congregation on a journey through a variety of emotions and images, from deep contemplation to celebration.

Eric and Helen are members of the Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (ERUUF) in Durham, NC. Eric is a singer/songwriter/guitarist and half of the musical duo, Constellation. Helen, plays the hammered dulcimer and makes up the other half of the duo. For samples of their music, go to this link. 











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