Children's Religious Education

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The goals of the RE program are:RE Class learning the Rainbow Principles

  • To encourage children in the development of their own UU identity
  • To encourage spiritual growth
  • To provide religious literacy
  • To encourage a social conscience

There are five themes that are reflected within the RE curriculum:

  • UU identity
  • Jewish/Christian heritage
  • Religions of the world
  • Social responsibility
  • Concepts of God


Religious Education Curriculum - 2016/2017

PreK (ages 3 and 4)

The Rainbow Connection

An introduction to the seven UU Principles, strong values and moral guides that each of us may use to guide our lives. At the preschool age, children begin to understand the concepts of justice and fairness and begin to learn about what is “right” and “wrong”, or “good” and “bad”. Story books are chosen to help illustrate these values, values that all parents wish to instill in their children, such as respect, trustworthiness, fairness, caring, responsibility and good citizenship. Socialization and security are also important goals for this age, so each class contains a fun craft project and time for free play with friends.

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Grades K-1

Picture Book UU

Based on the best picture books for teaching young children about the love, reason, tolerance and good works that make up our faith, this class teaches our younger UUs the art of self-expression, to value individuality, to think for themselves, and to understand that everything is connected. They will hear about people whose novel ideas and discoveries helped to transform our faith, like Maria Mitchell, Henry David Thoreau, and Fannie Farmer. Plus, they will meet people within UUC, who will share their own special gifts.

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Grades 2-3

Backyard to the Universe: Dr. Seuss and Unitarian Universalism

Dr. Seuss, himself a Unitarian, has written a treasure trove of stories for young children that serve as wonderful resources about our UU principles and values. Although highly entertaining, the stories contain profound lessons for children of all ages, based on life situations that we all experience.

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Grades 4-5

Harry and UU

Based on J.K. Rowling’s popular Harry Potter books, this class encourages the development of a social conscience, while allowing students to engage in fun wizarding activities. As members of Dumbledore’s Army, the class will fight seven real-world horcruxes, including Illiteracy, Hunger, Poverty, and Sickness. This fun, highly active class will allow students to make a real world difference in their community and in the world.

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Grades 6-7-8

D'Oh, God!

This curriculum explores the religious themes prevalent in the popular animated comedy series, The Simpsons. Did you know that religion is discussed more often in The Simpsons than in any other network television show? Each class will include a viewing of an episode followed by discussion. Topics include prayer, morality, God, the soul, the Bible, and denominational differences. A fun way to learn more about differing religious beliefs!

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The Fifth Dimension

The Twilight Zone tackled a diversity of social issues and political statements not seen in shows of its time. Its creator, Rod Serling (himself a Unitarian), believed that controversial messages and dialogues were needed to get a point across, and purposely created a science fiction show to get such messages past corporate censors. These timeless episodes are used as the basis for in-depth discussions of a wide variety of topics. After viewing an episode, the class engages in discussion and activities, designed to encourage deep contemplation of social justice issues.

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Grade 8 (pre-registered for full year)

Coming of Age

Coming of Age is a special program that pairs youth with an adult mentor in the Congregation, to prepare for the transition from childhood to adulthood. This program emphasizes self-awareness and confidence-building, as well as service to our Congregation and to the community. It culminates in an affirmation ceremony and in the writing of personal credos.



Registration is required for every child, every year. Registration forms for new children are available in the RE office or online. Returning children will receive registration information prior to the fall semester via email. Register online.

Sunday Mornings

On most Sundays, children begin in the Sanctuary with parents for the first 15 minutes of the service. After “For All Ages”, the children and their teachers leave for their classrooms. RE classes last approximately one hour. Parents should pick up their children at the end of class time.


We welcome young guests in our religious education classes on Sunday mornings. We ask that a Visitor’s Form be completed by the adult responsible for the child. To enroll in the RE program, please fill our a Registration Form, obtainable from the DLFD or RE teacher.


We know that it can be difficult for some children, particularly those who are younger, to feel comfortable in a new place, Parents are welcome to accompany their children to class for the first few visits to ease the transition to separation.


Your children learn about the importance of their religious community from you.  We hope that you can make weekly attendance at RE classes a priority for your family and that you yourself will find ways to engage with UUC.  We want UUC to be your family's spiritual home!  By being here regularly, you're making it likely that you child will feel "at home" here and will make meaningful connections with other childrena dn adults. 


All households with children registered in child care or children's religious education are expected to volunteer in some way toward the success of our programs for children and youth.  We have many needs and limited staffing, so your help is essential.  There are a wide variety of volunteer activities to choose from.

Safety Policy

All teachers and advisors involved in ongoing work with minors are required to pass background and reference checks, per UUC policy. Two adult teachers will be present in each classroom during regular RE classes.

Children’s Offering

Our Children’s Offering benefits the Interfaith Food Pantry. Donations of canned goods and cash will be accepted in class. All parents are encouraged to have their children participate in supporting this worthwhile organization. Learn more.  


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