Stewardship UUC Stewardship Campaign:

What do you value most about what we have here at UUC? Is it the simple act of coming together each Sunday and sharing in worship and spirituality? Or the many and varied youth and adult programs? Our social action/social justice work? Maybe it’s Lay Pastoral Care, our Mental Health Justice Ministry, or our Caring Network? Or our beautiful building and grounds? And let’s not forget the terrific music! Whatever it is that keeps you coming, it shares at least one important feature with all the many experiences that keep us excited and involved: all cost money.

Each year, the Stewardship Committee asks congregants to renew their commitment to help sustain and grow our “church” to support all of these programs or ministries, staff, and infrastructure needs that are so necessary to who we are and hope to become. Our theme for 2018 is “25+1” to commemorate the 25th anniversary plus one year of being in our current building. Read more about 25+1 and the pledge campaign in the 2018–2019 Stewardship Brochure.

Stewardship 2018: From the Pulpit

From the Stewardship Committee annual report (May 22): “We received 158 pledges including 14 frst-tme pledgers — eight more than our previous pledge record! Pledges ranged from $25 to $11,400. There stll are a few congregants who might be expected to pledge but have not as yet; these may stll trickle in. As of May 22, pledges total $306,142 (a record) which falls $9,200 short of the 2018-19 standard budget and $14,300 of the 2018–19 reach budget. To address this shortfall, the Board has challenged the congregaton to increase their pledges by 3%. To date, 26 have met the challenge.”

On September 16 at the UUC Ministries Conference, the Stewardship Committee shared a table and talked with several members and friends. Here is our poster that gives some background about the stewardship process and the stewardship committee. Questions? E-mail Committee Chair Andy Roberts.

How Do I Pledge?

At any time during the year you can make a pledge online:

Online Pledge

Alternatively, download a pledge card, fill it out, and put it in the box in the foyer or mail it to UUC, PO Box 10116, Blacksburg, VA 24062-0116. Please make out checks to “UUC”.

Pledge payments can be made via our secure Vanco online account, directly from your checking or savings accounts through your bank, or by personal check.

Information Pages

Anticipating possible questions and concerns members and friends might have about making a pledge to the UUC, the Stewardship Committee has put together the following information sheets:

For information about the UUC budget, go to the UUC Finances Web page.