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Keeping UU in the Picture

UUC Stewardship Campaign: 2019–2020

We here at UUC are blessed with terrific programs and opportunities and with great staff and facilities. We all know it takes substantial financial support just to maintain our programs, staff, and facilities, and it requires even more to expand and improve. In light of that, I’m certain everyone is as excited as I am about the annual Stewardship Campaign which is scheduled to kick off in April! In an effort to make this year’s Pledge Drive easier on the congregation and less intense for the Stewardship Committee and the legions of recruited stewards, we have decided to try something a little different. In addition to group meetings and one-on-one stewarding, we’re adding the option for members and friends to get ahead of the curve and pledge early. This is a terrific idea in so many ways; submitting your pledge before the official Pledge Drive begins simplifies Stewardship Committee planning and management, but more importantly, it allows pledgers to more quickly bask in the warm glow of giving. And by pledging early, congregants can avoid the angst associated with being repeatedly asked to get their pledge in so we can continue our fine work here at UUC. Your early pledge will assure that you do not receive requests to join a group meeting or schedule a personal contact with a steward. You’ll be home free, off the hook, and happy!

To promote our “early-bird-special”, we hope to have someone from Stewardship take just a few minutes at each of the various UUC group functions and meetings held in March to briefly present the 2019 budget and pledging materials and to ask those in attendance to please consider pledging early. We will also continue spreading the word to the entire congregation that pledging early is a really great way to jump-start the campaign this year. Our goal for this year’s pledge drive is $340,000 — an 8% increase over last year’s pledges. This is indeed ambitious, but our congregation has many areas in which to expand beyond the status quo, and we believe your 2019 pledges can make that happen.

Andy Roberts (Stewardship Chair)

How Do I Pledge?

At any time during the year, you can also make a pledge online:

Online Pledge

Alternatively, download a pledge card, fill it out, and put it in the box in the foyer or mail it to UUC, PO Box 10116, Blacksburg, VA 24062-0116. Please make out checks to “UUC”.

Important Dates

  • April 7: Campaign Kickoff
  • April 14: Group Meeting at UUC (11:30 a.m., library — during potluck)
  • April 28: Group Meeting at UUC (11:30 a.m., library)
  • April 28: Final day for Campaign events end (cottage meetings, one-on-one meetings)
  • May 5: Campaign ends with a delicious Sunday Sundae Ice Cream Social following the service.
  • May 19: Informational Meeting
  • June 2: Congregational Meeting


     Shown on the left is our pledges-to-date on the Pledge Campaign Kickouff Day: April 7.

For a snapshot of our present and a projection into our future, see 2019–2020 Stewardship Brochure

Additional Information

Anticipating possible questions and concerns members and friends might have about making a pledge to the UUC, the Stewardship Committee has put together the following information sheets:

For information about the UUC budget, go to the UUC Finances Web page.

Stewardship 2019: From the Pulpit

  • April 7: Reverend Pam led the service with the theme “The Whole Picture”. Stewardship 2019 played a large role in the service. Here are links to two stewardship-related podcasts from the service: Part 1 (which contains a reading from Worship Associate Hayden Corbett, the sermon delivered by Rev. Pam, and a song from Wayne Neu); and “Ground Ministry’s Part of the Whole” (delivered by Amanda Haynes and Susan Baker).
  • April 14: Rev. Pam announced at the service that after the first week of the pledge drive, we have 95 pledges and have reached 71% of our pledge goal.
  • April 21: As of today, there are 118 pledges for about 80% of our pledge goal. (Last year we had 165 pledges.)
  • April 28: As of 5 PM, there were 134 pledges for $286,968 (84.4% of our goal).
  • May 5: At the service, it was announced there were 145 pledges for $303,224 (89% of our goal).

May 26: The administrator writes, “We got an additional pledge of $1200 today, an increase on a previous pledge of $180 and a notice of another increase of $5000. so we now have 162 pledges for a total of $322,516!!!”