You are reading this because you are having problems logging on to the UUC members area.

  1. You do not know the username/password. Send a message to the UUC Administrator.

  2. You mistyped the entry information several times, and now you cannot log on to at all. (The fact that you are reading this message assumes you somehow got logged on.) This is done by our Web page host Lunarpages and they must be contacted to get you access again. Send a message to the UUC Webmaster for instructions.

  3. You can get access, but you are prompted for the username/password every time you access different pages in the members area. Our method for accessing the members area requires that you enter that information every time unless your browser is set to remember passwords. If your browser is set to remember passwords, a pop-up window will appear when the username/password window appears. The position of that pop-up window depends on the browser (and maybe if you re on a PC or a Mac). For Firefox, the pop-up window is typically in the upper left-hand corner, in Chrome it is typically in the center near the top. To avoid having to enter the information multiple times, you should tell the browser to remember this password. If no pop-up window appears, your browser is probably set so that it will not remember passwords. To set your browser to remember passwords, click here for Firefox, click here for Chrome, click here for Internet Explorer, or click here for Safari. If you are still having problems, send a message to the UUC Webmaster with a description of your problem (including your platform and its operating system as well as your browser and its version number).