We have embarked upon a fantastic voyage! To double our meeting house space, and therefore our capacity to serve our community,  we are soliciting pledges from now until November 5, 2006.

The links from this page will keep you up to date about the latest information on the Capital Campaign.

We appreciate your interest and involvement!

  • History of our congregation, from 1955 to the present.

  • Calendar of important dates for the Capital Campaign

    • September 24: Foundation Builders Gathering
    • October 8:Children’s Kick-Off Event
    • October 13: Kick-Off Dinner Celebration
    • October 14 – November 5 Stewardship Visits
    • December 3: Celebration Sunday
    • Early 2007: Groundbreaking
  • Financial Goals: At our 2006 annual meeting in May, we approved the construction of a new sanctuary and congregational life space with religious education classrooms on a lower level. We also approved a preliminary cost estimate of $1,265,690 and the goal of raising between $575,000 and $625,000 from our congregation and selected friends and partners in the community.

    As of December 27, 2006, the total pledged to the Capital Campaign is $610,500. We will keep the campaign &ldquo'open” during the three-year fulfillment period to provide opportunities for new members to share in the campaign.

  • Building Plans: The building expansion plans continue to be in process. Here is the vision as of September.

    1. Site plan for current expansion project
    2. Conceptual perspective of the UUC Meeting House
    3. Main floor plan
    4. RE classroom level floor plan
  • Testimonials from individuals who have spoke directly and sensitively about their UU involvement and commitment to our UU life and upcoming building expansion.

  • What Are You Doing Here?: a sermon by Rev. Christine Brownlie (September 24, 2006). In the September newsletter, Rev. Brownlie wrote, “Now and then I ask myself this question. I’d invite you to do the same, and then consider your answer as we enter into a time of hope and anticipation for our future as a congregation.”

  • Frequently Asked Questions: Karen Turner spent significant time meeting with various groups (covenant and other) to share information about the Capital Campaign and to ask for any questions or concerns individuals might have about the process. This list represents the issues that were derived from these small group meetings which took place over the months of July through September.

  • Ways to Give: Here is a guide to help you to consider what ways to give to our Capital Campaign.

  • Brochure: (1.7 MB PDF) Our brochure was created by an extraordinary group of individuals who worked together well and often. After discovering our burning flame and our inspiration — created by Bonnie Moreno — the communication group was unstoppable!

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